**IMPORTANT: Returns are only accepted If MMS accidentally ships the wrong items, please be sure not to open any or use any of the items AND CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY (within 5 days of receiving)  at so that we can issue you a mailing label to exchange the product or give you a store credit. The product must be shipped back in brand new condition.  If it is opened tampered with or missing any items, the purchaser accepts the product as is  and no exchange will be made. Any items shipped back products with missing, opened, or tampered  with product will not be ship back to the buyer nor will any exchange be made. Please attach pictures of the wrong items in an email so that we can see clearly what you were shipped. Sometimes people are new at these products and just unsure of what they ordered and this helps us to help the you better.


Common Billing Issues:

 If a transaction is marked as Declined in the PayJunction Trinity system (The payment gateway we use), no funds will ever be transferred (and any pending charges will "drop off").


  • The customer may see a pending charge on their credit card since our AVS (Address Verification System) settings are configured to decline a transaction that does not have a matching billing address and/or zip code.  This is because the card has sufficient funds to cover the transaction; however, the transaction was declined as a security precaution per your account's AVS security settings. When the billing info does not match the what the buyers credit card company has on file, it causes a red flag of possible fraud and declines the card. 

  • This pending charge will disappear from the customer's credit card in 1 to 3 business days after our batch has settled.  PayJunction will issue a reversal at settlement time.  This reversal is then processed by the customer's card issuing bank.  Then they will release any AVS declined transactions back to the customer once they have processed the reversal.

  • Again, nothing will be transferred so long as the transaction is marked Declined at settlement time.

IMPORTANT: In order to protect card holders and to Reduce Unauthorized Purchases and Credit Card Fraud, we only ship to the the Billing Name and Address of the credit card holder. Please note, we will cancel and refund your order without notification.