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Please check your order immediately upon arrival

In order to protect card holders and to Reduce Unauthorized Purchases and Credit Card Fraud, we only ship to the name and address associated with the credit card used.Please Note: Changing it later in the store will not make it match the data collected in the payment gateway. REMEMBER TO CHECK YOUR ORDER IMMEDIATELY [...]

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Hopiria 10 ML Sterile Vials on Back Order

2/9/17 - Hospira 10 ML vials are back in stock and will be put in all mixing kits and injection kits. MANUFACTURE BACK ORDER If you ordered Hospira 10 ML sterile vials between Jan 31, 2017  to current, Your order is on hold until February 16, when vials become back in stock.Mixing kits and injection kits [...]

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The Importance of Shipping Insurance

It"s Christmas Time!We at Missouri Medical Supplies urge your purchase Insurance and Signature Confirmation due to the high rate of lost or stolen packages that have been happening between customers local post office their mail boxes.Even though we provide delivery confirmation as a free service. This will only track your item. [...]

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