Q. Why was my credit card charged but my order was declined or didn't go through.


  • The customer may see a pending charge on their credit card if your AVS (Address Verification System) settings are configured to decline a transaction that does not have a matching billing address and/or zip code.  This is because the card has sufficient funds to cover the transaction; however, the transaction was declined as a security precaution per Our account's AVS security settings.
  • This pending charge will disappear from the customer's credit card in 1 to 3 business days after your batch has settled.  PayJunction will issue a reversal at settlement time.  This reversal is then processed by the customer's card issuing bank.  Then they will release any AVS declined transactions back to the customer once they have processed the reversal.
  • Again, nothing will be transferred to MMS account from the buyers bank account.



Q. What is MMS shipping times?


  • We try to ship within 24 hours of placed orders Monday through Thursday. Orders Placed on Friday will go out on Monday. No Orders will be shipped on Saturday or Sundays FOR ANY REASON. No orders will be shipped on recognized holidays.
  • On occasion we will get an incredible amount of orders and it will put us behind up to 3 days on shipping. This rarely happens and we take great measures to get your order out within 24 hours during our business hours.


Q. Do you ship international?

A.  No we do not ship internationally.


Q. Do you ship to APO's?

A. Yes