The Importance of Shipping Insurance

It"s Christmas Time!

We at Missouri Medical Supplies urge your purchase Insurance and Signature Confirmation due to the high rate of lost or stolen packages that have been happening between customers local post office their mail boxes.

Even though we provide delivery confirmation as a free service. This will only track your item. It shows you and us that your package was delivered to your mail box. Once you file a complaint and say it was not delivered they have a scan that says it was. It becomes your word against usps.

We do our best to get our packages out in the mail to you with 24 hours, but once it leaves this facility and reaches the Post Office it is totally out of our hands so please protect your investment and purchase Insurance and Signature Confirmation.

First Time Buyers

In order to protect card holders and to Reduce Unauthorized Purchases and Credit Card Fraud, we only ship to the the Billing Name and Address of the card holder.